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Personal Care

Everyone usually feels uncomfortable in asking for help for tasks that used to be a second nature. Our staffs at DHCC ensures that you or your relatives are cherished and their dignity is preserved. To achieve this feat, we offer a varied range of personal assistance services that are specially tailored to your needs.

Nursing Services

For patients who need special medical attention, we offer a personalized care plan that is made under the direct supervision of our professional nursing staff. Additionally, we also consult our client’s physician for any additional instruction that they deem necessary.


Clients with limited mobility and elders who need physical assistance are always at a risk of feeling socially isolated. This is actually quite detrimental to mental health and may lead to depression, anxiety and negative emotions. At DHCC, our motto is that a happy client is a healthy client.

Respite Support for Youth and Children

Sometimes family and friends just need a break. Our respite care professionals can provide that temporary or permanent relief when it’s needed the most.

Memory loss- Alzheimer – dementia support

Alzheimer’s can be overwhelming especially with effects like frustration and a constant diffusion of thoughts. How we assist such clients? We assist families in looking after their loved ones. Providing client centred care and helping them live their life to the fullest is our goal!

Post-partum support

Delivering a baby is exhausting especially when they also need to look after other things while in their recovery phase. Mothers need quite a lot of rest to recover efficiently. This is where our staff comes in. They help the new mother with house chores and assist in the supervision of older children too. They also aid in other tasks like meal preparation and light laundry

Meal Preparation

A balanced diet with the appropriate nutritional content is essential to maintain health. We have a diligent staff, specifically trained caregivers who keep the client’s dietary needs in mind when assisting with meal planning and preparation as recommended by nutritionists.

Errands and transportation

Primary caregivers sometimes have other responsibilities which make them unable to provide transportation when needed. We recognize the importance of being able to complete errands independently with minimal assistance which is why we at DHCC are always ready to help you in escorting the client to and from appointments. Our dedicated staffs also help with related errands and provide assistance when it comes to children and adults with disabilities